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With a complete lists of students, we can start on what I like to call the bald, fat, divorced database, in other words a virtual reunion. I will put together what we looked like back then and somehow work my magic and come up with what the average Brunswick High School Railroader will look like when we meet in 2006! Sounds like fun eh? E-mail me or use the handy form below to add the personal statistics you want listed next to your name. Some good stats to include are:

Marital status - M - D - S
Kids - # - M - F - Age
Car - Make - Model - Year
City of residence
Type of house - # of rooms - pool - tennis court
Hair - Yes - No - Type of Loss
Weight - Now - Then
Fun Facts

You get the idea! Of course you can submit just your e-mail address and the city you now live in. Send me what ever stats you want posted. I can even put a current picture in your profile if you like. Unlike I will never charge you to view this information. Once the stats are in you can have a virtual reunion any time you like. Simply log in to the site and check whose, balder, fatter, seperated, divorced, sick, healthy, poor, rich, available, etc.... What fun !!

This virtual reunion is as good as you make it. So start sending in your statistics now !! If you do good things for your community, if you have raised healthy, happy children, if you're rich and give lots to charity, if you've finally lost that weight, or got the perfect mate... tell us and all your friends at the virtual reunion. All stats sent in are subject to confirmation.

Send your e-mails to Wally Mercer if you have any ideas or information for the Profiles page you want posted to this web site. I will not post your email address if you do not want it listed.

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