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Reunion Jokes

Jokes I have found about class reunions.

Top Reasons Why You May NOT
Want To Go To Your 25th Class Reunion --

-- OR --

This is as bad as it can get -- but don't count on it!

24) Things are more like they are today than they ever were before.

23) You don't want them to know you married the guy 'Most Likely To Change Jobs For A Career'

22) The one that got away...

21) The one that didn't...

20) That Sophomore you stuck in the trash can is now doing reunion webpages *LMAO*

19) You'll get this compelling urge to smoke a cigarette -- and look around for teachers lurking in the bathrooms

18) You KNOW someone's going to want to 'streak' ... and the resulting mental image will put you back into therapy for another 25 years

17) Computer Literate? Ha! You can't get WEB TV to work without a neighbor's kid, and forget about ever successfully programming the VCR

[00:00:00 00/00/99] . . . *LOL*

16) They're still talking about the Prom night party--and--you still wish you knew what they were saying

15) Platform shoes and bell bottoms ARE, in fact, acceptable to wear

14) You've lost your little sailor's hat

13) Maroon and Gold -- someone's going to wear them -- need we say more?

12) Driver's Ed memories. The school's insurance rates have never been the same...

11) Your children have volunteered to 'help' with the reunion, right after going to their reunion.

10) You still have some nasty unpaid library fines.

9) Remember that dorky guy with coke-bottle glasses who sat up front that you made fun of? ...He owns Microsoft

8) Its being catered by the gals from the cafeteria...and they've volunteered YOU to go get the food in one of those BIG plastic orange crates.

7) You're petrified by the promise of a mandatory Algebra exam between dinner and dessert.

6) Your 'first one' might be there...all of them...

5) Your Senior Prom date is STILL looking for you...and you can't bring weapons.

4) The 'other' person in your class was a real dork.

3) You don't like most of the people you remember, and you damn sure don't wanna see a bunch of over-weight, balding, sagging classmates dancing under a disco ball to some crap like "The Hustle".

2) You don't want people that know you married the girl voted 'Most Likely To Fester'.

1) You don't wanna have someone come up to you with a recent college dropout and say "Honey, why don't you spend the next 25 years with your real father!?!"

*giggles* Send me YOUR 'Top Reasons' to add here!!