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Hats off to Lisa!

2004 Golf Outing

Read about Lisa's Challenge and also read how to become a Sponsor
See the Poster for the Third Annual 'Hats off to Lisa' Golf Outing

Letter to Prospective Sponsors

         TO: Prospective Sponsors


                        FROM: Pat Norberg


                        RE:      Hats off to Lisa Golf Outing
                                    Thursday, October 7th, 1 pm
                                    Hollow Creek Golf Club, Middletown, MD


                        For those of you that know me (or soon will), I am writing on behalf of a very
                        important person I am proud to call my friend. Lisa Greene was one of my very
                        first brides with P.M. Affairs, a little company I used to own. We became fast
                        friends, kept in touch and she eventually became my office manager, right hand
                        and dear friend. Lisa and her family reside in Middletown. Lisa has endured an
                        incredible ordeal battling a rare form of blood cancer known as Multiple Myeloma.
                        Through her incredible determination and courage she is currently in
                        'consolidation', but continues her fight every day. That is the great news!

                        The hardship placed on this young family is the purpose of this benefit.

                        Lisa started this struggle a couple of years ago, see attached story, and has
                        been relentless and indefatigable in her quest for a cure. She is shorter and
                        wiser and vigilant in her recovery process. Two bone morrow transplants later
                        she still endures chemo treatments and more to stay ahead of this disease. She
                        travels to Arkansas every 3 months for continued studies and treatments. With
                        your help and the love and support of her many, many friends and extended
                        family we hope to see her through to easier, brighter times.


                        Here is an array of opportunities for you to make a huge difference in the
                        continuing battle of this dreaded disease:


Benefits of the tournament day, Name and/or Company Logo on all related materials, signage at the event and having your praises sung out to all "Foundation Sponsor" for $2000.

Be a Beverage Sponsor for $1500.

Be a Food Sponsor for $1000.

Be a Contest Sponsor for $500.

Be a Prize Sponsor for $250.

Be a Player for $150.

Be a hole Sponsor for $100.

Be an In-Kind-Sponsor of product or services.

Be a check writer and make a monetary donation of any amount.


If you have any suggestions of additional ways you can be of help, please contact me anytime! Pat Norberg 301-788-3881

Thanks in advance for your generous support!

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